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A beautiful family story

The Silverprod group has a rich family history that began in 1967 in the heart of the Arve Valley, a place known for its bar turning, which would go on to continue in the "Plastic Valley" of Oyonnax ten years later. It was by being as close as possible to manufacturers that we have become experts, and passionate about this sector. Our strong commitment allows us to position ourselves as a specialist in the manufacturing industry as a whole (automotive, plastics, aerospace, rubber).
Publisher and integrator of global management solutions, including our long-standing Silver-CS ERP solution, we are now partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sage ERP Business Cloud Enterprise Management and Geode: for our customers, we wanted to surround ourselves with the best! These partnerships correspond perfectly to our strategy of verticalization and proximity, carried out on all our projects. Our Microsoft Dynamics vertical solutions have been CFMD certified (Certification For Microsoft Dynamics), and in 2015 SILVERPROD took two new steps: its partnership with Sage, and the announcement of the Galia approval of its automotive vertical, Silverprod 365 for Automotive. In July 2016, Silverprod Group was awarded the Microsoft Dynamics ISV of the Year Award in France (Independent Software Vendor), rewarding the implementation and success of our solution developed around Dynamics 365 technologies: Silverprod 365 for Manufacturing.
Our projects are extensive: explanding locations and new offers... Whether you are: SMEs, mid-sized companies or group subsidiaries, in industry, distribution, services or retail, in France or abroad, working with one or multiple sites, have specific business requirements and/or standards. We have a solution for you!
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The Silverprod Group remains at your disposal through its various agencies on a daily basis, not to mention the presence of its many consultants in other regions and cities of France; contact us!
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  • Nantes
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  • Tunis
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The Silverprod Group is also strong of numerous partnerships synonymous with operational excellence, multisectoral exchanges and a range of solutions responding to all of your needs, a winning strategy to be able to meet all of your projects on a daily basis!


Our customers are our references.

Their loyalty is the testimony of their satisfaction. Silverprod Group is committed to quality collaboration in the spirit of communication and partnership, that is always available to the needs of the customer.
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