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Because we are convinced that our businesses are permanently transformed in depth to the benefit of the quality of the services for our customers, we complete our profession of Publisher and Integrator of the best solutions on their market by those of ” Performer ” and / or ” Transformer ” of your organizations and your men.

In today’s world that is disrupting logistic, industrial and associated information processing systems, our primary value is to be an experienced guide for Women, Men, Teams that carry your Business.

  • PERFORMERS : we co-construct with your teams the vision, the organization, the means, the methods, the information systems (WMS, ERP, TMS, APS, …), the infrastructures … of your industrial processes and / or Supply Chain.
  • TRANSFORMERS : 2/3 of transformation projects failing for lack of membership and long-term follow-up, we mobilize teams around the animation of the transformation and the marketing of project thanks to an original tooled approach (with a partner) allowing to measure the level of adoption of transformation by all the communities of a project.


We work mainly in INDUSTRY , BtoB / BtoC DISTRIBUTION, and we have a team dedicated to RETAIL.


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Our principles of intervention:

  • We are committed to understanding and listening to the real problem of our client (reading between the lines)
  • There are as many projects as there are companies. We therefore favor agility and experimentation rather than the unique and deterministic path. This translates into as many steps as projects.
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