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Our ERP policy: verticalisation

An ERP offers valuable features that require a certain amount of time to be implemented, configured, tested, and adopted by users. We then monitor the software throughout its life cycle, its development, and its sustainability.

We are convinced that the flexibility offered by this ERP is essential for all types of business. It is a widely used solution and the numerous inter-connected processes mean it is a complex system. It must adapt to rapidly changing companies in each sector.

Verticalisation gives the ERP the flexibility it needs, both in terms of set up and future development.

From an operational point of view, features that are directly related to a specific industry offer flexibility to boost performance: production management, scheduling, inventory, purchasing, profit margins, etc.

We offer solutions with an industry-specific approach and which are the best fit for the needs and unique characteristics of each company. The primary processes for each industry are supplied as standard. This means your software package is adapted to your needs and can be implemented more quickly.

Verticalisation means:

  • Standard features that meet the needs of the market and industry-specific needs
  • Software Insurance that guarantees the sustainability and future development of your solution
  • Compliance with industry standards and requirements
  • Internal streamlining and improvement of your processes thanks to a solution developed as standard
  • Shorter implementation times
  • Lower costs of ownership
  • Project management from analysis to implementation
  • Lower specific risk
  • Lastly, monitoring and maintenance that allow you to meet the requirements of your industry with complete peace of mind


« Thanks to verticalisation, we offer our clients the assurance of a long-term solution that will evolve along with the needs of their specific industry, as well as controlled costs»  Frédéric Aubard, President.

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