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Editing / Integration

  • In 10 years of partnership, Silverprod Group has become the no. 3 French developer in terms of resources on Microsoft Dynamics AX and today, Dynamics 365, for Supply Chain and Finance & Operations. As a Microsoft pure player in ERP, Silverprod has kept its publisher DNA in this partnership, while offering business solutions (verticals/extensions) dedicated in particular to the world of manufacturing, the automotive industry, aerospace and certified CFMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics). This certification implies a strong commitment to compliance in Microsoft evolution tracking development.

  • Silver-CS is a global business management solution for SMEs/SMIs, group subsidiaries and major accounts. Developed by Silverprod Group, this ERP manages all the company's services, from purchase orders to production, scheduling, and inventory.

  • Designed by logistics and warehouse organization professionals, Geode (one of the 1st WMS on the market) – also known as Sage X3 Warehousing – capitalizes on more than 40 years of experience and meets the control needs of the logistical flow of any distribution companies, or industries with a strong distribution component, as well as logistics providers and any entity with strong traceability issues (pharmaceutical, hazardous materials, etc.). The main objective of this WMS remains the best control of physical warehouse operations, in order to manage the main goal in logistics: to make the right products available in the right place and at the right time.

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