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  • CRM, BI and R&D project management with Sharepoint

    CRM, BI and R&D project management with Sharepoint 

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  • Happy New Year


    Happy New Year

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    SILVERPROD AX for Automotive is CFMD....


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  • Our saga Lean Manufacturing and ERP


    Our Saga ERP and LEAN manufacturing: 2nd part, What is Lean Manufacturing....


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  • Four ITW Plants select SILVERPROD


    Four ITW Group French Plants has selected SILVERPROD with its solution SILVERPROD AX for Automotive.





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      For your ERP, go for two references.


SILVERPROD, editor and integrator of ERPs for manufacturing industry, is MICROSOFT partner.


They ally power and agility of AX 2012 ERP, worldwide deployed, with industries expertise of SILVERPROD's solutions:


SILVERPROD AX for Manufacturing

SILVERPROD AX for Automotive

SILVERPROD AX for Aerospace

SILVERPROD AX for Rubber & Plastics