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  • Partnership - SILVERPROD becomes Sage ERP X3 integrator

    Sage ERP X3 is a new product in SILVERPROD's ERP range. Easy-to-use, flexible, reactive, Sage ERP X3 is the solution for Mid Market companies.
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  • Automotive industry : Galia is launching process for automotive functions homologation to ERP editors

    After pressday in last October, during Progiciels Faire, the Automotive ERP Homologation program takes one more step further
  • REACH Guide

    Discover REACH main issues, its impact, its sphere of operation thanks to the FIEV Automotive Industry Guide

    Download your guide here (french version)

  • 2014 Main figures about automotive manufacturers

    Find out 2014 main figures about automotive manufacturers in the FIEV Guide 
  • CRM, BI and R&D project management with Sharepoint

    CRM, BI and R&D project management with Sharepoint 

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    SILVERPROD AX for Automotive is CFMD....


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  • Our saga Lean Manufacturing and ERP


    Our Saga ERP and LEAN manufacturing: 2nd part, What is Lean Manufacturing....


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  • Four ITW Plants select SILVERPROD


    Four ITW Group French Plants has selected SILVERPROD with its solution SILVERPROD AX for Automotive.





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For your ERP, go for 2 references! 


Editor and integrator of ERP, SILVERPROD is a recognized expert in Industry. 

SILVERPROD as a partner of two ERP leaders such as Microsoft and Sage, offers a complete ERP range that fit SMI, Groups Subsidiaries and Groups needs. 

Our will is to be a trusted partner for our customers, to accompany them to the sucess in their national and international projects.  

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